Rhino Terrain


  • 3D digitizer plugin bundle with DAT/EM Summit Evolution.
  • Use DAT/EM Systems International core technologies.
  • Goal:
    Capture 3D building roof, terrain, on stereo aerial images
  • Need special hardware:
    120hz stereo display, glasses, Quadro GPU, special mouse


RhinoCity™ is a plugin for Rhinoceros dedicated to realistic modelling of land and cities in 3D

  • PointCloud processing
  • Large Scale Delaunay Engine
  • Advanced 3D spatial data cleaning
  • Building modeling using Boolean-Operator
  • Smart building texturing
  • CityGML import/export
  • Esri Shape Files with attributes, Kmz, LAS, import/export


Enter the world of Geo-modeling and see how RhinoTerrain™ combines NURBS, point clouds and meshes to provide you extremely precise 3D data. With RhinoTerrain™ discover another way to interact with your data:

  • Import and creation of terrain from photogrammetric, topographic or LIDAR data
  • Processing and optimization of point clouds
  • Creating, editing and analysis of DTM
  • Construction profiles, cross sections and contour lines
  • ECW tilling and Ortho-photos mapping
  • Editing large models from topological functions and swift Boolean operators
  • Analysis of data according to different criteria: visibility, slopes, volumes and much more to discover in the new version 2.0 64-bit