Three Levels of Summit Evolution

Three Levels of Summit


Full-functional, fully capable digital photogrammetric workstation
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Feature Collection

Designed for 3D feature collection for those whose orientation requirements are met elsewhere
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Low-cost system for viewing, terrain following, sample measurement and basic editing in existing projects
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Summit Evolution – Feature Comparison

 ProfessionalFeature CollectionLite
Measure & Modify Orientationsred dot
AT Measurement & Exportred dot
Orthophoto & Mosicred dot
Airfield 3D (ArcGIS only)red dotred dot
Terrain Visualizer & Contour Creatorred dotred dot
Image Creatorred dotred dot
DAT/EM Drawing Toolsred dotred dot
Project verviewred dotred dot
Edit/contour verificationred dotred dot
MapEditor (AutoCAD & MicroStation)red dotred dot
3D Capture for AutoCAD, MicroStation or ArcGISred dotred dotred dot
Image management toolsred dotred dotred dot
Super Impositionred dotred dotred dot
Terrain followingred dotred dotred dot
Import supported softcopy & 3rd party projectsred dotred dotred dot
User documentation & one year technical supportred dotred dotred dot
3D Stereo viewingred dotred dotred dot
Landscape Integrationred dotred dotred dot