About DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH

Since 2014, the focus has been on the sale of coordinated software and hardware solutions from a single source on the European and international market. The provision of further services, such as user training, consulting etc. in connection with the use of software and hardware rounds off the range of services.

I have been a DAT/EM partner for the entire DAT/EM product portfolio in software product sales since 2014. This includes the sale of new licenses, as well as the sale of annual maintenance and support products, through to training and support services.

We have also been selling the Wingtra drone since the end of 2023. Here, too, the focus is on a solution-oriented overall package.

As the founder and managing director of DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH, Volker Zirn, I have more than 35 years of experience in cartographic and photogrammetric production, as well as in geospatial services and product sales.

After training as a cartographer, then specializing in photogrammetric work and completing my studies in cartography at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, I worked on various projects, such as the development and production of a thematic map series from aerial and satellite images for a national atlas of Egypt as part of a special research project.

For more than 20 years I was responsible for commercial photogrammetric production in Germany and abroad.