DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH

DSE sells software for photogrammetric stereo image measurement and the mapping drone from the Swiss company Wingtra. The additional hardware components associated with an integrated workflow, such as 3D stereo viewing systems, workstations for stereo mapping and other related services are also offered.
DAT/EM Systems International, based in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, has been developing photogrammetric software since 1987 and has specialized in the capture of 3D data with its Summit Evolution digital stereo plotter and the LandScape tool for editing point clouds.


See our hardware and software components for aereal photogrammetry.

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Here you can find more about our partners DAT/EM Systems International, Zirn Consulting, wingtra and others.

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Find out more about the people and the business of DAT/EM Systems Europe.

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