Farewell to GEN I and its associated parts –end of support announcement

It’s the end of an era… and the dawn of a new adventure!

While the journey with WingtraOne GEN I has been remarkable, the original components simply won’t handle the new improvements we have in store like new sensors, wireless updates and regulatory compliances. So it’s time to draw the line.

What this means for GEN I owners:

  • The final major updates are here: release 2.12 for WingtraHub and 2.11.2 for WingtraPilot. Going forward, only essential flight and safety updates will be provided.
  • Hardware repair and warranties will continue until August 31, 2024, depending on part availability.
  • For purchase of additional payloads or parts, please reach out to your Wingtra rep by April 30, 2024.

✌️ The 2.12 update brings dongleless geotagging to the table, marking the end for the need of physical dongles.

Interested in upgrading to the GEN II? Connect with for options.